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What is I-Green?

I-Green is a website created to facilitate waste recycling. Often, recycling centers are known only to residents, which makes it difficult for tourists or new citizens to navigate. Thanks to I-Green, you can easily find the closest recycling center to your location and that meets your needs.

Why should I use I-Green?

I-Green provides useful advice on proper waste disposal and offers a completely free service. You can use it to discover new recycling centers and learn new ways to help the environment.

How does it work?

I-Green is designed to be as simple and fast as possible. By checking the "Map" section, you can perform a quick search. If you want to increase the maximum search distance, you can easily do so using the drop-down menu next to the search button. The results will automatically appear in order, from closest to farthest.

Is it free?

Absolutely yes, helping the environment must remain a right for everyone. The service offered by I-Green does not require any form of payment from the user. However, it is possible that some recycling centers, especially if private, may require payment for depositing the material.

Are all locations the same?

In principle, every location indicated by I-Green is accessible to the public. It may happen that the center is closed, the eco-points in shopping centers follow the opening hours, while the eco-centers follow the municipal ones. To be sure, always check the "info" section or call the number provided for more information.

In larger recycling centers, an eco-card or a resident card may be required. In that case, the use of the facility is reserved exclusively for citizens of that municipality. If you need more information, you can call the number indicated by the eco-center.

Is there an app?

Unfortunately not at the moment, but we are working on it. If you want to make access to the site faster, you can still add the site to the home of your smartphone. Below are the few steps necessary:


Press the icon

Choose the option
Add to Home Screen

Write a name for the shortcut


Press the icon

Choose the option
Add to Home Screen

Write a name for the shortcut